Daylight Music

Wow! Thanks to Daylight Music for such an awesome day on Saturday! It was a joy to hear Jherek Bischoff and Liam Byrne perform and an absolute honour to be part of the event.

The jam proved to be very popular! I sold out before i even had a chance to get to the merch table after playing! Apologies to those that didn’t get there quick enough! I had no idea it was going to be in such high demand.

Photo by Paul Hudson

Make sure you keep yourself in the loop and checkout all the other acts they are putting on over the coming weeks. What a great way to spend a Saturday lunchtime!

Daylight Music




Milton Keynes Video

Thanks to everyone who came to the show in Milton Keynes Gallery and to Martha Rose. It was such an amazing space to play! They’ve made a video of my whole set so if you couldn’t make the show then here you go!

Show in Milton Keynes

Playing my first ever show in Milton Keynes this Saturday as part of the Museums at Night series and i shall be joined on stage by the wonderful Martha Rose!!!
Tickets available from the link below

Alphabets Heaven New Release

Alphabets Heaven has just released a new beat tape inspired by Italo Calvino’s novel Invisible Cities. On his website you can also dub the tracks yourself (play with filters and delay) for extra fun whilst listening. I recorded some vocals for him on one of the tracks called Heart. Have a play! Follow the link above.

You can also stream it and buy it from his bandcamp:

The World Is Listening

I am playing a show in Brighton on Saturday 25th as part of an event run by a wonderful group of women called The World is Listening.The event is free and supported by the art council giving a platform for female artists to show and learn from each others work. There will be performances from Cate Ferris and myself and also workshops on vocal looping and talking pictures which is where participants can make and record their own analogue synth sounds and then using Posca paints and conductive ink they can use the pictures to trigger the synth sounds! I’ve booked myself a place at this workshop and can’t wait. check out the event and come along if you can.

A weekend Celebrating Women In Music at The Rose Hill